Actual Play: 183 Days and The Sky is Grey and You Are Distressed

Players: Jenn, Todd

We return to our twosie AP series with two twosies! Jenn and Todd play two short games about relationships and feelings: 183 Days and The Sky is Grey and You are Distressed.

183 Days starts at 5:00 minutes.
The Sky is Grey… starts at 49:30.

NOTE 1: THESE GAMES CAN BE SPOILERED AT LEAST ON SOME LEVEL. So before you listen, think about whether or not you want some of the structure and events of the game revealed to you!

NOTE 2: The sound for 183 days isn’t that great. We recorded it in a hotel room at Forge Midwest. Sorry about that! Y

You want these games? Here you go:

183 Days:
The Sky is Grey…:

Actual Play: Threadbare

Players: Jenn, Joe, Timo, Todd

Following up on our interview with Stephanie Bryant, we take a break from our twosie AP series to release this AP of Stephanie’s game Threadbare. Threadbare is currently in beta so some of the rules here may change, but this AP gives you a good idea of the kind of thing you’re in store for when the game drops.

Content note: If you want to skip character generation and some light banter, jump ahead to the 16:00 minute mark.

Also, it’s currently in Kickstarter! You can go support it here if you’re interested:

Episode 216: Interview With Stephanie Bryant

Hosts: Jenn, Megan, Stephanie, Todd

We sit down for an interview with the creator of the soon-to-be-Kickstarted RPG Threadbare, Stephanie Bryant. We talk about violence in games, mental illness in games, stitchpunk, and what goes into designing a particular feel. Enjoy!

Check here for updates on Threadbare:

Episode 215: Forge Recap

Hosts: Jenn, Joe, Megan, Todd

We recap our trip to Forge Midwest, which is always fun.

Games mentioned:

Time Cellist
The Sword, The Crown, and the Unspeakable Power
The Warren
Sparkle, Baby
Urban Shadows
Marrying Mr. Darcy
And more.

Relevant links:

Actual Play: S/Lay With Me

Players: Megan, Todd


Megan and Todd play Ron Edward’s groundbreaking S/Lay With Me (link NSFW) to kick off a series of Actual Plays where we will play two player (TWOSIE!) games, culminating in some casts where we will explore such games. Next time will be Murderous Ghosts featuring Timo and Scott.

Episode 213- Games Addressing Social and Personal Issues

Hosts: Clyde, Todd

Todd sits down with the esteemed and eminent Clyde Rhoer of Theory From the Closet renown to discuss gaming as a way to deal with or confront personal and social issues. Clyde drops knowledge.

Like what you hear? You can Patreon Theory From the Closet (or the Jank Cast, for that matter). Yay!

Also, to Clyde’s chagrin, we’re dropping a content warning: there’s a lot of discussion about heavy stuff here, including child abuse. But trust us. Just listen.