Episode 126: Ensemble Casts

When gamers sit down around a table with a bunch of characters and start playing the game, the stories that come out of it can take a variety of different paths. With this in mind, we delve in to the nature of the ensemble cast, and what it means at the table: what characteristics and aspects come out, how do the character stories develop, and how different games handle different types of inter-PC relationships. Continue reading

Episode 110: Gaming as Socialising

Part of the fun of gaming is not actually the game itself, but the hanging out with friends that it causes. Whether you are friends outside of the game, or get together just to do this particular thing, or barely know each other, there is a whole realm of interactions that the game is part of, but is not necessarily all about the game. As part of our “Why we game” series we talk about the socializing that goes on around and about the game.
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