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You want to talk to the Jank Cast? That’s easy. You can contact us through a number of ways:

  • Spooky Outhouse Forums, where our official forums lie. Ask questions, demand answers, threaten our lives, here’s a good place to do so (and find out more about other podcasts from Spooky Outhouse).
  • You can communicate with us via both Facebook and Google+.
  • If you really need to send email instead, you can contact us at We definitely don’t check this enough, so don’t wait with bated breath.

8 thoughts on “Contact the Jank

  1. My internet fu is weak.

    In your most enthralling review of Apocalypse World Timo mentioned actual play reports from a year-long game with lumpley, his wife, j. ellingboe, etc.

    Can I haz a interweb address for that?

  2. Never mind. I found them…and they are AWESOME, as is the rest of her.

  3. The download link for ‘Episode Thirty-Six: Mechanical’ is broken, and I’m super keen to hear that particular episode. Any chance of that link being fixed? Million thanks.

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