Episode 102: Gaming advice and the Conversation on Gaming

Hosts: Todd, Megan, Timo, Peter

What did we play: (09:15)
Timo: Kagematsu, Eminent Domain, Smallworld, Dixit, Defenders of the Realm, Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, Blood Bowl Team Manager
Megan: Kagematsu, Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, Glory to Rome, D&D Encounters, 1st Edition D&D, Carcassonne, Vegas Showdown
Todd: Ascension, Honeymoon in Arkham!
Peter: RuneAge, Blood Bowl Team Manager, War Machine, 1st ed D&D, Who would win, Eat poop you cat

Main topic: The Conversation on Gaming (17:30)
Timo read an interesting blog post about the nature of the conversation about gaming after the explosion of Independent games and brought the conversation to the table. As part of that conversation we end up talking about the whole blowup that happened surrounding the rise of Forge Game theory and “System Matters.” The conversation goes longer than usual, but we end up talking about the role of gaming advice and what character it takes.

Rants (01:13:50)
Megan: Don’t go to school.
Peter: Magic players ruined gaming.
Timo: What needs to happen to make people actually stand up.
Todd: Vegas is a hooker buried in the desert.

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