Episode 87: Designering

Hosts: Majdi, Timo, Lexx, Joe, Jordan

Capitalizing on the relentless earth-shattering fame of game designer Majdi we talk with him and Joe and Jordan of Level Zero about the games they are working on, as well as some of the processes of developer.

Banter: Rainforest Cafe, designing for suicide, the bottom of the foon change, the myr (amir)? Advertising on magic cards. Timo is very appropriately professional

Main topic: Design (5:20)
Lexx and Timo are just critics: These guys actually make things (bullshit) (5:40)
Joe and Jordan and Level zero games: Node, netgain (6:20)
Transmedia incorporation (10:10)
Octodad: interfacing with the game is the game (14:40)
The future of Octodad: more levels, a steam game, kinecto-dad (18:15)
What surprised you about developing a game (21:12)
Joe: All the communication you won’t be doing (21:35)
Large teams and a bug report system (22:30)
Jordan: You can’t make all of your ideas (Kill your babies) (24:15)
Communicating to the players (25:30)
The game manual (29:20)
What is the fun of the game? (30:30)
the language of games (31:00)
Cheese moves and exploits (34:30)
Octo-Mac (37:15)
Playtesting across different types of games (39:10)
released unfinished (43:30)
Game as entertainment, game as income (45:45)

Rants (52:00)
Joe: A Story is not a game
Jordan: Fuck games of “kill the leader,” especially munchkin
Majdi: I love playtesters. Really I do. Seriously.
Timo: You watch your step, Weiser.

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