Interview Episode 9: Bully Pulpit

Hosted by Timo

Steve Segedy and Jason Morningstar are the twin uber-brains behind Bully Pulpit Games, the makers of Fiasco, The Shab-Al-Hiri Roach and Grey Ranks. We talk about these games in particular as well as what it’s like to publish your own games and the trials and tribulations of getting it done.

About Bully Pulpit Games: Behold it’s majesty! (0:50)
Drowning and Falling (1:30)
Grey Ranks is definitely a fun game that is definitely not a comedy game (4:50)
Fiasco, Wil Wheaton and Penny Arcade (6:35)
Fiasco as an accessible game (7:45)
Blood Simple as inspiration for a comedy game? (8:45)
What was Fiasco designed for? (11:00)
Playsets are the heart and soul of Fiasco cheap brand cialis (14:00)
Why it was so hard to get Fiasco after Gencon 2010 (17:40)
Janus Design, the Italian version and Lucca comics and games (19:20)
Producing an indie Game: We don’t want to go in to debt (22:00)
The Forge community was key to bringing out the Roach (23:50)
How independent publishing is changing (ex. Kickstarter) (26:00)
Grassroots and mutualism in action (Wil Wheaton and Penny Arcade again) and social marketing (27:45)
Brick and Mortar stores and Bits and Mortar (30:25)
Loving and hating the self-publishing thing (32:35)
Jason takes umbrage: we have no GMless agenda (37:15)
We make games for our friends (38:20)
Roles and facilities are tied up in the “GM” (39:00)
Predefining the story arc in Fiasco: it’s not wrong, it’s just the immediate social contract (42:00)
Short timeframe pushes players to make bold choices (44:50)
What makes these systems good for these games? An example: Cowboys with Big Hearts (45:30)
When games take direct control of pacing/story arc (48:15)
Timo conflates freedom with GM-less (again. Seriously, what’s his problem?) (50:30)
The star trek theorem (53:00)

Rants (55:10)

Jason: Fun is a semantic tarpit.
Steve: There is not enough time.