Review Episode 6: Apocalypse World

Hosts: Todd, Megan, Timo, Charles, Rob

In this review episode we discuss the latest game from Vincent Baker. Using our own gaming experience as example we talk about what it’s like to play this game and

some of the intricacies of this immersion-centered game.

Holiday Note I’ve mentioned Epimas, and I’ll mention it again: Spearheaded by Epidiah Ravachol a number of independent RPG designers have gotten together and offered RPG bundles for the holidays, including one that has Apocalypse World (See? We tie in, yo!). Buy someone a bundle of games as PDF’s, and you yourself get PDF copies of the same games. It’s gaming for everyone, but only through the 24th so hurry hurry!

Banter: The hitchhikers guide as an AW game. (0:50)

Review: Apocalypse World (01:20)
Todd’s longest campaign evar! (02:50)
Ending the game (03:15)
Apocalypse world… is post apocalyptic (Gasp, Horror) and setting without specifics (04:25)
The first session starts setting the specifics of the world (05:50)
Mechanics are about the colour of the setting (07:15)
Scarcity (08:00)
Prompting (08:20)
Who we played (09:10)
Leveraging restriction in order to get freedom (10:50)
Moves and stat highlighting encourage types of behaviour but don’t limit what you can do (14:00)
Improvement is not linked to success, just to action (17:30)
Hx (18:30)
Improving/changing by taking different moves (21:05)
NPC’s in PC mechanics (23:00)
Chopper and his gang versus a Harholder and his holding or a Hocus and her followers (24:40)
Memorable scenes:
Todd: Midnight talking to her brother Ghost (27:30)
Rob: Tork and his synesthesia (Opening his brain to the Psychic maelstrom) (28:55)
Charles: Raf delivered Torks child (34:15)
Timo: The shootout at the infirmary (how loveletters lead to awesomeness) (37:00)
Megan: Silver taking definitive action by trading a pipe organ for safety (39:40)
The game thrives on players making hard moves and not playing safe (42:15)
Succeed or fail, awesome shit is going to happen (43:20)
Moves from the MC’s perspective and the dice rolls (47:25)
Love and hate for characters: Playing the NPCs (50:00)
Just doing what the PC’s want to do (53:15)
Keeping world details from the MC can be rewarding, but it’s dangerous: Helping immersion and keeping the world real. (55:00)
The Hx really informs the PC interactions (01:00:30)
The sex thing (the online discussion)(01:01:50)
Making the world intertwine (01:08:10)
Hacking the game for different settings: Fingers on the Firmament (01:09:35)

Review Episode 5: Fiasco of the Chombies.

Hosts: Todd, Megan, Scott, Dave, Majdi

I mean, if you think of it, the Jank Cast kind of is a slow, ongoing fiasco. If we could just make a playset of it, then we could at least produces something meaningful out of this before it self-destructs in tragedy and Schadenfreude. And not only are our casters all reminiscent of the living undead, one of us is even Finnish (even if he can pronounce Z like a damned traitor). So there you go. JankCast. A Gmless event of hijinks and undeath.

Banter: Megan’s evening with Reek aka nerdish Kill, Marry or Fuck. Todd and his haircare, Majdi’s appearance (1:16)

Review: Fiasco (6:15)
Overview of the game mechanics (7:10)
The same playset can create different fiction (example) (9:45)
Quick setup, short game, great fun (11:15)
A good game for beginners and pickup games (12:50)
Fiasco playset wiki (14:40)
The Tilt (15:30)
A dangerous animal (perhaps metaphorical) gets loose. Someone who is innocent is not so innocent. Misplaced love. (18:45)
Great for memorable and interesting stories (21:25)
The Aftermath (22:30)
Sushi-Kebab (His name is Joe. Yeesh, you know we have problems when I’m the one remembering peoples names). (24:20)
Let the fiction flow, being bold, no penalty for being awesome (27:35)
Playing with time, working with the fiction, Memento in Antarctica (29:30)
Making a movie in the game, driven by drama (30:30)
We find some negatives: Operation Zebra Playset (which we forget the name of) (32:45)
The setup can drag and no guidance from the game if you get stuck (33:25)
No way to save a blown game, and learning to mess with time (35:05)
Douchebag factor (36:45)
Long-form Improv (38:00)
Final comments: Just play it. (38:50)

Review: Zombie Cinema (39:50)
Eero Tuovinen (40:25)
Italians love zombies (41:55)
It comes in a VHS box: Presentation and rules (43:15)
Character creation (43:40)
Default setting: right here (46:00)
Scene framing and conflict (47:20)
The board (48:30)
Nothing happens without inter-character conflicts (50:00)
Death is satisfying (53:40)
Play sympathetic characters to survive: the sacrifice mechanic (55:10)
When everyone dies together (56:15)
Conflict mechanic means less susceptible to douchebaggery (58:30)
Forcing you out of your conflict zone (1:00:20)
Good for learning to frame conflict (1:01:30)
Provides/pushes towards conflicts , narrator is specified (1:02:20)
Game encourages PvP (1:04:30)
Being the zombie (1:04:55)
Last thoughts: Great replay value (1:07:50)
Finally: Microwave. That’s right, we went there. (1:10:19)

Review Episode 4: Shocked Bashful

Review Episode 4: Shocked Bashful
Hosts: Megan, Scott, Timo, Todd, Reek

Banter: What we did last night, Happy Undeath Day Gary Gygax, Reek’s delicious delicious energy, GMless Game day: Fiasco, Zombie Cinema, Shab-Al-Hiri Roach (0:56)

Review: Shock by Joshua AC Newman (5:00)
What is a Shock: Immortality through cloning (6:00)
Source material/Similarities for our game: Battlestar Galactica, Free Market, Borderlands, Iain M Banks, David Brin‘s Kiln People (7:00)
The issues: Ageing, Reproduction, Meaning & Technology of Cloning (8:45)
Minutiae (10:20)
Ownership and Story Elements (12:00)
Protagonist & Antagonist (13:45)
Fiasco, Shab-al-Hiri and Shock rules spectrum (16:30)
party/player dynamic: short stories or vignettes (Sliding Doors, Run Lola Run) (17:52)
Audience helps balance/curb behaviour (20:00)
Timo’s Character: ladies of the world, cringe (21:15)
Conflict mechanics overview (22:40)
Reeks Character: the many deaths of Granthor Debourd (conflict resolution example; Oldboy) (26:20)
Game length: Antagonist credits, dice pools, new shocks (30:00)
Winning & losing: Story goals (31:25)
Metagaming and scene framing (32:55)
Winning and losing revisited (34:25)
Shock is about the issues, not the characters (Blade Runner, Kiln People, Glory Season) (35:25)
Timo’s character revisited: why what happened, happened (38:45)

Review: BASH by Chris Rutkowsky (39:45)
Storytell, GM, DM? (40:00)
Choosing the system for a super hero games (Ex Machina, new run of Batwoman) (41:00)
Super hero games are super crunchy (Wild Talents) (41:28)
Character stats and powers (42:50)
Dice mechanics and super-scaling (43:50)
Window dressing the rules; emulating a comic book (47:10)
Flaws and power advancement (48:50)
Hero die (49:45)
Meeting the needs of super hero story gamers: the rules just disappeared (51:15)
Villain points, villain dice and uber heroes (54:40)
Fun things from the game (56:50)

Jank cast party at Gencon (59:55)
Congratulations Ben and Sylvana (1:00:40)
Jankcast pimping (1:01:20)

Interview & Review: Little Fears

Interview & Review: Little Fears

Interview with Jason Blair, designer of Little Fears and Little Fears: Nightmare Edition

Interview: JOHNKELLY and Lexx

(36:30) Review of Little Fears: Nightmare Edition

Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Timo, Rob, Lexx

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Review Episode Three: Battlestar Galactica

Review Episode Three: Battlestar Galactica the Board Game
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Lexx
Battlestar Spoilers through Season 3, Episode 6
Chicago Boardgames Meetup Group. Go Nate!
The @Spot Cafe
Battlestar Galactica
The Pegasus Expansion
Middle Earth Quest

Enjoy the Game & Go Roll some dice!

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Review Episode Two: Arkham Horror

Review Two: Arkham Horror
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Reek, Lexx
Review of Arkham Horror from Fantasy Flight Games

Arkham Horror
The Curse of the Black Pharaoh
The Dunwitch Horror
The King In Yellow
The Black Goat of the Woods
And a Contest: CREATE THE BUFFY ARKHAM HORROR CHARACTERS AND WIN SWEET SWAG! Required characters: Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles. Optional characters: Angel, Spike, Dawn, Tara, Cordelia, Anya, Oz, Andrew, Riley, Faith, Wesley. You also must create 1 “Big Bad” from any of the seasons: The Master, Spike/Angel/Drusilla, The Mayor, Adam, Glorificuss aka Glory, The Trio aka The Nerds, or The First. Any additional monsters, allies, items or spells created will earn you a better chance to win. The prize will be a $25 gift certificate to Chicagoland Games, an episode devoted to the top 3 sets of characters, and a copy of your characters on nice paper sent to you. Deadline for this contest is July 3rd, at midnight central time.

Review Episode One: 1960, Making of the President

Review Episode One
1960: Making of the President
From, Z-Man Games
Designed by: Christian Leonhard and Jason Matthews
Official website
Board Game Geek

Tom, why are you not Nixon?

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