Bonus Episode: Todd and Larry Talk about the Reputation of “Indie Gaming”

Hosts: Larry, Todd

In this episode, which we are crossposting with Tabletop Superhighway, Larry and Todd talk about the reputation of “indie gaming” and what we think of that.

FYI, Todd is a little muffled at the beginning but we fix it pretty quickly.

Episode 198- What’s Up With Licensed Games?

Hosts: PK, Scott, Todd

In this episode, we talk about licensed properties with friend of the show PK Sullivan. PK knows a little about licensed properties having worked on the Firefly RPG. Additionally, PK and Scott LURVE them some Star Wars properties.

I totally forgot to write down when everything happens in this episode, so no sh’notes.

Also, support Time Cellist on Kickstarter!

Episode 197.5- Time Cellist!

Hosts: Megan and Todd

In this shorter than usual episode, Megan and Todd take a little bit of time to talk about Time Cellist and plug their ongoing Kickstarter for the game, commenting a little bit on what they were going for with it, as well as what the process of getting the Kickstarter up and running was like.

If you’d like to back the game, Todd and Megan would love you forever. You can go here to do so.


Episode 197: What's Wrong With Bein' Sexy?

Hosts: EVERYONE! Aka Jenn, Joe, Megan, Scott, Timo, Todd

Recently, Gaming as Women published an article on asking “is he hot” about an NPC. People read it. People discussed it. It got us thinking: how do you know in game? So we discuss hot characters, sexy NPCs, and how you make that a thing at the table.

Also, here’s the thing Scott plugs.

11:24- We’re the Jank Cast
13:05- What’d we play
34:15- Topic
1:23:02- Rants


Hosts: Jenn, Joe, Todd

In this episode, we discuss mind control mechanics.

Also, our rants go a leeeeeeetle off the deep end on this one.

Also also, there’s a weird popping noise sometimes. No idea what it is. We’ll look into it and try to make sure it’s not there next time!

9:45- What’d we play
15:50- Topic
53:50- Rants