Episode 206: Play By Post

Hosts: Adam, Jenn, Todd

After a short break due to lost of traveling for the hosts, we’re back! In this episode, we sit down with our friend Adam to discuss the ins and outs of play-by-post role playing.

What’d we play? 6:53
Topic- 15:30
Rants: 47:34

If you’re interested in different forums we talk about, check out:

Tavern Keeper

Episode 204: What We Did On Our Summer Break

Hosts: Jenn, Megan, Todd

WE’RE BACK! And in this cast, we fill you in on what we did with our summer hiatus, including Gencon and other cons, as well as PbP gaming! Whoo-hoo!

We also plug ValorCon and EnWorld Game Day at the end of the cast, so stay tuned for that.

Episode 203: Audiences, for Game Chef 2015

Hosts: Jenn, Josh, Megan, Todd

In this episode, we have Josh T. Jordan, one of the runners of this year’s Game Chef, and all around decent type, to talk about the theme of this year’s Game Chef: audiences. We look at it through a variety of angles that will hopefully help you come up with some ideas, if you haven’t already.


Banter: Children are meatbags of disease.

Intro: 6:10

What did we play?: 7:30

Topic: 16:43

Rants: 47:58

Plugs: 53:55
-Jank on Demand
-EnWorld Gameday
-Dice Amnesty Day
-Game Chef, duh.
-Indie Mix Tape Anthologies on Drive Thru RPG

Bonus Episode: Todd and Larry Talk about the Reputation of “Indie Gaming”

Hosts: Larry, Todd

In this episode, which we are crossposting with Tabletop Superhighway, Larry and Todd talk about the reputation of “indie gaming” and what we think of that.

FYI, Todd is a little muffled at the beginning but we fix it pretty quickly.

Episode 198- What’s Up With Licensed Games?

Hosts: PK, Scott, Todd

In this episode, we talk about licensed properties with friend of the show PK Sullivan. PK knows a little about licensed properties having worked on the Firefly RPG. Additionally, PK and Scott LURVE them some Star Wars properties.

I totally forgot to write down when everything happens in this episode, so no sh’notes.

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