Actual Play: Lady Blackbird, Part II

Players: Dr. Boyfriend, Joe, Megan, Timo, Tom

The second installment of My Life With Blackbird… I mean, Lady Blackbird.

Minor content warning: there is a scene where it somewhat implied there was a sexual assault, although it (a) happens off camera and (b) turns out to not be what it seems. Please be forewarned if hearing that would bother you!

Actual Play: Lady Blackbird Part I

Players: Dr. Boyfriend, Joe, Megan, Timo, Tom

Two ways to get your fix of the awesome game Lady Blackbird from the Jank Cast!

First, you can go here to read the play by post game Todd is playing in right now!

Second, you can listen to THIS EPISODE of the first session of the Jank Game of Lady Blackbird!


Actual Play, Dream Askew Part II

Players: Dana, Dylan, Joe, Megan, Todd

More of AP of Avery McDaldno’s awesome new game Dream Askew with Dana from I Podcast Magic Missile.

CONTENT WARNING: There’s a discussion of an implied sexual assault in this session. It’s not on camera and it’s sort of danced around, but it’s definitely implied. Please be forewarned if that would be bothersome to you!

Actual Play: Dream Askew, Part I

Players: Dana, Dylan, Joe, Megan, Todd

Hey all. We’ve been a LEEEETLE slow on the new regular episodes lately due to Gencon/work/life/traveling but we’ve got some stuff in the pipeline, I promise.

In the meantime, enjoy an AP of Avery McDaldno’s new game Dream Askew!

Actual Play: Monsterhearts Session 4-2

Players: Joe, Megan, Rob, Todd

This is it! The thrilling and gory finale of our Monsterhearts game! Woo! As Alice rages, Raphael schemes, and Longman passive-aggressively mopes, the question must be asked: WHO WILL SURVIVE AND WHAT WILL BE LEFT OF THEM? And why is Longman such a douche. Damn mortals.

Content warning: as with all the other sessions, this one is NSFW. There is some bullying, a lot of violence, and some manipulation, as well.