Fiasco: Podcasters Special on IndiePlus


Hey Jank people! Megan will be representing the Jank Cast on a special IndiePlus #gamenight event on April 20th starting at 5:30pm CST on Google+ in which she will be making the funnies in an online game of Fiasco. She will join a star studded podcaster ensemble including Alex Mayo (The Geeky and Genki Podcast and RPG Crosstalk), Laura Bishop (Actual People, Actual Play) and Ryan Shelton (Roll for News). For more information, or to sign up to watch

(or whatever you do with the Googles), check out the event page on IndiePlus.

Todd on Self-Critical Hits and a Nerds For Reel Shout Out

Hey. I’m in the new episode of Self-Critical Hits. You should be listening to them anyway, but if you’ve never heard them before, head over and listen to me chat with them about GMless games and other random stuff, as well as them do some reviews including one of the really cool seeming The Quiet Year.

Also, I want to give a shout out to my

buddy Andrew and his podcast Nerds For Reel. They challenge each other to watch awful movies and then sit around and make fun of them. It’s that simple. It’s that brilliant. If you appreciate the humorous deconstruction of lovably crappy movies, and who doesn’t, you should be listening and enjoying.

So there you go. Two podcasts to add to your feed. Between those two podcasts and the Jank Cast, your weekly commute is pretty much covered.

Todd’s Gencon Wrap Up

So Gencon is over. I didn’t make the whole thing because I’m buried under a metric ton of work which is sucking my will to live, but the con was, nonetheless, a blast. I played:

1) My Life With Master. Master (in this case, Mistress) won. Hardcore.
2) Misspent Youth, which was FANTASTIC. Expect more reviewing of it in the future.
3) Zombie Cinema, in which Timo and I both bit it spectacularly and satisfyingly.
4) Zombie Dice and Cthulu Dice. Both fun.
5) Something else… I swear. It will come to me.

Swag round up:

1) Labyrinths and Lycanthropes. Looks like a fun dungeon crawler.
2) Kagematsu. How pretty is this game?
3) Remember Tomorrow. If Gregor Hutton’s name on it, I’m sure it’s sweet.
4) Montsegur 1244. Right up my alley. Burning heretics. Sold.
5) Annalise. I mostly got this for my ladyfriend’s sister whose name is Annalise. It looks pretty sweet, having said that.
6) Apocalypse World, which is sweet looking. This is our next campaign.

Please click all above links. Anyone? What did you play and pick up?

2010 RPG Podcaster Survey

Okay, this is pretty cool. The guys at Spooky Outhouse Productions did this last year where they had a survery for Podcast listeners. Here are last year’s results:

And here is the survey for this year:

Please take the 2 minutes to fill it out truthfully.

Please send rants!

Hello Loyal Jank Cast Listeners!

As you know we are quickly approaching episode 50! We just released episode 48, we have a special episode 49 coming up, and after that is our even specialer Episode 50. For this episode we are requesting rants from our friends and listeners. If you have the means to record a rant between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long please record one ABOUT the Jank Cast and send it to

Keep up the hate!

Episode Thirty-Nine Delayed

Due to the drunken Super Bowl weekend haze we managed to overlook recording an episode. So Episode Thirty-Nine is going to be delayed until next week. However this gives us a chance release some awesome stuff! Are you excited?!?! I am!!! Can’t you see how many exclamation points I’m using?!?! This week we will be releasing two interviews and one review. GET READY FOR SOME AWESOMENESS! Stay turned for more Jank Radio…

-The Jank Cast

Send Christmas Rants

Alright, if you have a good Christmas/Holiday gaming story or you just want to rant about Christmas send them to in mp3 format, no longer than 2 minutes long. They will be featured on a special Christmas episode to be released this holiday season.