Hello, delicious friend

Via Apocalypse world, I heard tell of a thing called . A sort of online game, played through your browser using a twitter account, of life in subterranean London after it was stolen by giant bats. You start off escaping from prison and try to make your way in this fanciful world.

It’s pretty amazing, so far. easy to play, interesting to get involved in, and there’s no time commitment other than you can when you get a mo’. I invite you to join in, delicious friend. All you need is a twitter account. You can find me under my alter ego, Motipha. I look forward to seeing you,perhaps a bout in the game of Knife and Candle, eh? All is well that never dies, you know.

Here’s a guide that helps explain what’s going on. Here’s a quick guide to the very beginning of the game, to get you started.

Spooky Outhouse Showcase Episode 6: Actual Jank Walking Podge Play

EDIT: yeah, so the thing I posted before was idiotic and informed more by my sleepiness than actual desire to share about content.

Spooky Outhouse, the collective of podcasts (or whatever they call themselves) of which we are willing member-sheep sets up their showcase on a somewhat regular basis. The idea is to get together hosts from a number of different gaming podcasts to talk about a topic. This time around Todd, the Nathan Explosion of Chicago, took part in the discussion (How can you talk about your character without making people want to die? What games are you afraid to play?). The conversation is pretty good, and Todd did an admirable job of making us appear more than barely coherent and capable of interacting like normal human beings.

All in all, a fun listen, y’all should have a go! Locate the spooky outhouse page for this here.

And yes, Scott, I did in fact use YOUR word.

hey look, a DM’s cheat sheet

Here is a tool provided by S. John Ross, the writer of Risus. It’s a list of plot points and hooks that can be used as inspiration for prepping a game, written in an engaging and entertaining style. He even gives some pretty nifty advice at the end.