Fiasco: Podcasters Special on IndiePlus


Hey Jank people! Megan will be representing the Jank Cast on a special IndiePlus #gamenight event on April 20th starting at 5:30pm CST on Google+ in which she will be making the funnies in an online game of Fiasco. She will join a star studded podcaster ensemble including Alex Mayo (The Geeky and Genki Podcast and RPG Crosstalk), Laura Bishop (Actual People, Actual Play) and Ryan Shelton (Roll for News). For more information, or to sign up to watch

(or whatever you do with the Googles), check out the event page on IndiePlus.

No Shelter in Place this weekend

Hey folks – we’re going to cancel Shelter in Place at 4pm for Jank on Demand this weekend. There’s not enough confirmed interest to get it going this time around and we don’t want to disappoint folks that might show up to find it under attended.

There will be lots of other fun games going on, so definitely come on down to the Dojo! Megan will attempt to wrangle it for

a future


Thank God for our stupid F-ing games.

One of the few MTG websites I read is Blackborder, mostly to find out if any of my cards are worth money or not. I do happen to read the articles, even when they are mostly in Greek to me as a casual player, and ran across <a href="http://www.bla″>”Thank God for this Stupid F-ing Game” by Jesse Dana yesterday. As someone who was/is in the

exact same circumstances (minus the girlfriend), I wholeheartedly concur with everything he’s written. It’s not just dragons and fairies, people – gaming is important.

Game Chef 2011!

This year’s Game Chef competition is off and running! For

those of you not familiar with it, Game Chef challenges people to design a game incorporating specific thematic elements in 10 days. Ten whole days! Todd and I answered the call, as did

over 60 other game designers. All the games are free to download and read over at the official Game Chef website.

Sight for Sore Eyes Benefit Game Bundle

Hey Jank fans –

The folks over at Two Scooters Press are offering up a benefit bundle of donated games to raise money for a single mother recently diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. RP is a genetic disorder in which excess pigment builds up in the eyes,

eventually blinding the person.

The PDF bundle is $10 and includes:

Mars Colony, by Tim Koppang
Polaris, by Ben Lehman
Remember Tomorrow, by Gregor Hutton
Murderland, by Elizabeth Shoemaker
Perfect, Unrevised by Joe McDaldno— along with all the reference sheets
Geasa, by Jonathan Lavalee
And a special, bundle-only Apocalypse World character class: THE HOARDER, by D. Vincent Baker

That’s a pretty awesome deal AND you also help out somebody in need. Sweet.

Visit for more info and to purchase your very own Benefit Bundle today. The offer is good through March 8th.

Home for the Holidays – A Very Merry Fiasco Playset

Hi folks –

I’ve written up a new holiday themed Fiasco just in time for your Thanksgiving dinners, Xmas office parties and anywhere else you might want to get a little indie RPG action going.


Home for the Holidays: A Very Merry Fiasco Playset

Written by Megan Pedersen

“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”
– “Tu

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rkeys Away”, WKRP in Cincinnati

All you wanted to do was spend some time with the family, eat a little too much turkey and enjoy some time away from the office. Too bad you’re the only one on board with that plan. The holiday season is a special kind of Hell on Earth, spruced up with sparkly lights and tinsel. Good luck making it all the way to New Year’s Day.

Movie Night: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Die Hard, Bad Santa, A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, Scrooged


1. Grandparent and grandchild
2. Siblings
3. Cousins
4. Parent and child
5. Distant relatives
6. “There’s still no proof, but that kid is probably yours.”

1. Boss and assistant
2. Soldiers, home on leave
3. Part-time seasonal help at the Gap
4. The hottest song and dance act in town
5. Secret Santa participants
6. Receptionist and delivery boy/girl

1. Childhood friends
2. Next door neighbors
3. Drinking buddies
4. Fair-weather friends
5. Friends ‘til the bitter end
6. Manipulator and victim

1. One night stand
2. Can’t stand each other, but are actually soulmates
3. Newlyweds
4. Estranged spouses
5. “I never liked a girl well enough to give her twelve sharp knives.”
6. Rivals for the love of the girl/boy next door

1. Escaped convicts
2. International terrorists
3. Small time crooks
4. Con man and mark
5. Slumlord and tenant
6. Armed and dangerous

1. Bell ringers for the Salvation Army
2. Shopping mall Santa and elf
3. A guardian angel and the sad sack they protect
4. Carolers gone wassailing
5. Organizers of the office holiday party “Ugly Sweater Contest”
6. Wise men in the local Christmas pageant


1. …by your estranged spouse, for saving the day.
2. …by Santa (the real one or an impersonation)
3. …by the one you’ve carried a torch for all these years.
4. …by an old flame, to rekindle the romance.
5. …by anyone, anywhere, at any time.
6. …by your significant other, in your parent’s bed.

1. … on the Homeowner’s Association, for shutting down your festive lawn decorations.
2. …on everyone, for the indignities you’ve suffered.
3. …on a certain someone, with the incriminating evidence you’ve gathered.
4. …on a local celebrity, for hogging the spotlight.
5. …on your meddling family, for messing up your life.
6. …on your boss, for not giving you a holiday bonus.

1. … from an emotionally distant parent.
2. … by delivering on a promise.
3. … by foiling the crime.
4. … for your selfless acts of charity.
5. … by admitting your mistake.
6. … for having the most amazing holiday decorations on the whole damn block.

1. … of town, before they catch you for what you’ve done.
2. … of town, before the blizzard hits.
3. … of spending time with your horrible family.
4. … of tremendous debt.
5. … of a favor owed.
6. … of hosting the holiday gathering again this year.

1. …by stealing everything that’s not nailed down.
2. …by marrying into a wealthy family.
3. …by tricking someone who trusts you.
4. …by conning old people at the Pine Valley Retirement Home.
5. …by being the last one standing when the dust settles.
6. …by recording this year’s chart topping holiday song.

1. … about their real identity.
2. … about someone’s infidelity.
3. … about who your real friends are.
4. … about whether they love you as much as you love them.
5. … about what happened on that fateful day in 1975.
6. … about your family’s dark and guarded secret.


1. A carving knife
2. Broken glass, scattered on the floor
3. A Red Ryder BB gun
4. C4 explosives with detonators
5. “The bitch hit me with a toaster!”
6. A sawed off shotgun

1. $8,000 wrapped in a newspaper
2. A silver bracelet hidden in a coat pocket
3. A storage container filled with this season’s hot new toy
4. A secret stash of Walmart gift cards
5. The key to the family liquor cabinet
6. The true meaning of Kwanzaa

1. Mice with reindeer antlers glued to their heads
2. Yellow snow
3. Pink bunny footie pajamas
4. A re-gifted fruitcake
5. A used condom
6. Naked pictures of a family member (from the past or recent)

1. An ambulance
2. A getaway car
3. A stretch limousine
4. A wood-paneled station wagon
5. A train headed to Pine Tree, Vermont
6. A Hansom cab drawn by a bad tempered horse

1. A table lamp shaped like a woman’s leg
2. A picture of your family made out of macaroni and glitter
3. A set of jeweled combs
4. A gold watch chain
5. An urn containing the ashes of a beloved pet
6. A toy train set handed down through the generations

1. A sprig of mistletoe, hung in an unfortunate place
2. A live turkey
3. A Santa Claus suit, reeking of gin
4. A tiny menorah lit by birthday candles
5. A perfectly wrapped gift, delivered to your doorstep, addressed to someone else.
6. A matching set of light-up snowman lawn ornaments


1. At the dining table
2. Up on the rooftop
3. In your childhood bedroom
4. In the basement rec room
5. In the driveway
6. In the attic

1. A Stitch In Time, an old antique shop
2. Bo Ling’s, a Chinese restaurant
3. The 1st Savings & Loan Building
4. The Carousel Club, a posh nightclub
5. Crazy Larry’s Christmas Tree Emporium
6. The Pine Ridge Community Church

1. Waiting in line to get a picture taken with Santa
2. The parking lot
3. The food court
4. A department store dressing room
5. On a bench outside the Gap
6. The complimentary gift wrap kiosk

1. The skating rink (natural or manmade)
2. In the deep woods
3. On a snow covered sledding hill
4. At a rest stop off Highway 41
5. On the tarmac of a deserted airport
6. On a ski lift

1. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
2. The annual holiday football game
3. Times Square, waiting for the Ball to drop
4. A live Christmas Eve broadcast of The Christmas Carol
5. The lighting of the Pine Ridge Community Christmas Tree
6. The Channel 13 PBS Holiday Pledge Drive Telethon

1. At the punch bowl
2. In the copier room
3. In the coat closet
4. In the stairwell
5. At the front door
6. In the CEO’s office


The zombies….. are coming…..

The signs were all there – the nasty new flu bug they’ve been talking about on the news, the graveyard vandalism, the sudden increase in missing person reports. As you and your friends step out into the crisp night air, you find yourself in the midst of a hellish nightmare of undead horror. The outbreak is spreading like wildfire and as order breaks down, the city offers little protection. Will you and your companions survive the zombie hordes prowling the streets tonight? Or will your camera capture your last stand?


WHEN: Friday, October 29 at 9:00pm
WHERE: Chicagoland Games: Dice Dojo (5550 N. Broadway, Chicago IL)

What is a Photo Action Role Playing Event? (PARP!)

A Photo Action Role Play game is a group event that creates a narrative through still digital images and their captions taken over a fixed period of time. A specific list of story elements and encounters are provided at the beginning of the event for groups to incorporate into their stories. Most PARPs involve some sort of theme or are styled in a particular genre – like zombie horror films.

Similar examples of this style of narrative, but used in film, are Cloverfield and the Blair Witch Project. PARPs use photos rather than film to play out their story.

The PARP was originally pioneered in the middle of the night at Gen Con by Jank Cast contributers John Kelly, Megan Pedersen and Rob Ryder. The Tower of Hyatt PARP proved to be a very, very silly adventure, but easily one of the better times we had at the convention. We hope that you will join us and that your PARP adventure rewards you with succulent treasures, just as ours did.

To find out more about how PARPs work, visit our Wiki at