Review Episode 5: Fiasco of the Chombies.

Hosts: Todd, Megan, Scott, Dave, Majdi

I mean, if you think of it, the Jank Cast kind of is a slow, ongoing fiasco. If we could just make a playset of it, then we could at least produces something meaningful out of this before it self-destructs in tragedy and Schadenfreude. And not only are our casters all reminiscent of the living undead, one of us is even Finnish (even if he can pronounce Z like a damned traitor). So there you go. JankCast. A Gmless event of hijinks and undeath.

Banter: Megan’s evening with Reek aka nerdish Kill, Marry or Fuck. Todd and his haircare, Majdi’s appearance (1:16)

Review: Fiasco (6:15)
Overview of the game mechanics (7:10)
The same playset can create different fiction (example) (9:45)
Quick setup, short game, great fun (11:15)
A good game for beginners and pickup games (12:50)
Fiasco playset wiki (14:40)
The Tilt (15:30)
A dangerous animal (perhaps metaphorical) gets loose. Someone who is innocent is not so innocent. Misplaced love. (18:45)
Great for memorable and interesting stories (21:25)
The Aftermath (22:30)
Sushi-Kebab (His name is Joe. Yeesh, you know we have problems when I’m the one remembering peoples names). (24:20)
Let the fiction flow, being bold, no penalty for being awesome (27:35)
Playing with time, working with the fiction, Memento in Antarctica (29:30)
Making a movie in the game, driven by drama (30:30)
We find some negatives: Operation Zebra Playset (which we forget the name of) (32:45)
The setup can drag and no guidance from the game if you get stuck (33:25)
No way to save a blown game, and learning to mess with time (35:05)
Douchebag factor (36:45)
Long-form Improv (38:00)
Final comments: Just play it. (38:50)

Review: Zombie Cinema (39:50)
Eero Tuovinen (40:25)
Italians love zombies (41:55)
It comes in a VHS box: Presentation and rules (43:15)
Character creation (43:40)
Default setting: right here (46:00)
Scene framing and conflict (47:20)
The board (48:30)
Nothing happens without inter-character conflicts (50:00)
Death is satisfying (53:40)
Play sympathetic characters to survive: the sacrifice mechanic (55:10)
When everyone dies together (56:15)
Conflict mechanic means less susceptible to douchebaggery (58:30)
Forcing you out of your conflict zone (1:00:20)
Good for learning to frame conflict (1:01:30)
Provides/pushes towards conflicts , narrator is specified (1:02:20)
Game encourages PvP (1:04:30)
Being the zombie (1:04:55)
Last thoughts: Great replay value (1:07:50)
Finally: Microwave. That’s right, we went there. (1:10:19)

2 thoughts on “Review Episode 5: Fiasco of the Chombies.

  1. Interesting. Of the two, I’m far more likely to give Zombie Cinema a try. In fact, I believe I’ll pick it up so I can invite over a couple of friends I’m thinking of to play it. They have a wonderfully twisted tradition they came up with of having a Horror Movie Night each Christmas Eve, so I think this game would be a perfect fit for them. If I’m lucky, it might even get them hooked on RPG’s.

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