Interview 8: Robert Bohl and Joshua AC Newman

Hosted by Todd

Through space and time, we bring you an interview about The Distant best price levitra online Future! Todd Speaks with Robert Bohl and Joshua AC Newman about their futuristic games Misspent Youth and Shock: Social Science Fiction. The conversation ranges around the what, why and how of the games, and finally turns to a comparison between the two.

The elevator speech of the games (1:00)
Shock as high science fiction, Misspent youth is cult scifi: influences in the games. (2:50)
Shock: wanted to play science fiction, got cockblocked by existing games. (4:30)
Bruce Sterling, Rudy Rutger, Phillip Dick as influences (08:30)
Future shock (10:30)
Misspent youth influences: other games first, then later in the design art became serious. (11:05)
Todds personal connection (bad touch! BAD TOUCH!!): Sociology and the punk scene (15:00)
The Punk in Misspent Youth (15:50)
Shock is the first science fiction game ever (20:45)
The genius of Minutae (26:15)
Other science fiction games are just D&D in space (27:30)
Paranoia & Metamorphosis Alpha (34:00)
World creation (Some hackles are raised) (36:00)
When everyone’s antagonist is God and Time Travel(38:20)
Harry Potter misspent youth game (41:05)
Conservative mentality comes out weird (42:40)
The French Girl (46:30)
Libertarianism (47:40)
Meta-mechanics in both games (49:00)
Who the fuck wants to be Deckard? (52:20)
The GM in GMless games (54:30)
Talking about things that bother you (57:20)
Conflict resolution mechanics in Misspent Youth (58:20)
Shock resolution system (1:02:00)
The Blade Runner example (01:05:15)
Intertwining stakes and the audience (01:13:30)
The relationship between the games: 1984 example (01:20:00)
More Human than Human (01:23:00)
Human Contact (01:23:40)
Shilling (01:34:00)

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