Todd’s Gencon Wrap Up

So Gencon is over. I didn’t make the whole thing because I’m buried under a metric ton of work which is sucking my will to live, but the con was, nonetheless, a blast. I played:

1) My Life With Master. Master (in this case, Mistress) won. Hardcore.
2) Misspent Youth, which was FANTASTIC. Expect more reviewing of it in the future.
3) Zombie Cinema, in which Timo and I both bit it spectacularly and satisfyingly.
4) Zombie Dice and Cthulu Dice. Both fun.
5) Something else… I swear. It will come to me.

Swag round up:

1) Labyrinths and Lycanthropes. Looks like a fun dungeon crawler.
2) Kagematsu. How pretty is this game?
3) Remember Tomorrow. If Gregor Hutton’s name on it, I’m sure it’s sweet.
4) Montsegur 1244. Right up my alley. Burning heretics. Sold.
5) Annalise. I mostly got this for my ladyfriend’s sister whose name is Annalise. It looks pretty sweet, having said that.
6) Apocalypse World, which is sweet looking. This is our next campaign.

Please click all above links. Anyone? What did you play and pick up?

8 thoughts on “Todd’s Gencon Wrap Up

  1. I played a great game of Fiasco with the rock & roll playset. 8 hours of Battletech where we tried to dislodge the WOB off Terra.

    I attended the Humor in Podcasting seminar presented by the Brilliant Gameoligists. The Knights of the Dinner Table live reading was awesome. The Legend of the 5 Rings party focused on the card game, so there wasn’t much there for me.

    For swag, I got the new L5R sourcebook, 3 new Battletech sourcebooks, BASH, Fiasco, the Bag Wars Saga.

  2. Played: Shock (the game Timo facilitated at Games on Demand Friday), Apocalypse World, and many board games.

    Playing Shock was better than I expected from my read-through of the rules, which hadn’t grabbed me, but it still seemed a little strained. The players were mostly strangers unfamiliar with the game (and a couple seemed unfamiliar with narrative games in general), and the game itself can (and did) produce stories that ran completely in parallel. So lots of disconnection on both the social and game levels. It was fun watching Timo’s cardinal become increasingly doctrinaire, and I had fun with my severely depressed lab rat.

    The Apocalypse World session was a fantastic bit of good fortune. A couple people were waiting around for an MC that never showed. One said he would have taken a stab at it if he only had the rulebook, and I just happened to have it with me. The guy did an awesome job at MCing, barfing forth apocalyptica big time, pushing us with questions, then running amok with our answers. I’m really hoping to get a game started, though I’m not going to MC nearly as well. Why are there no performance-enhancing drugs for RPGs?

    Went to a Freemarket talk by the creators. Very interesting to get a look into their creative process.

    1) Apocalypse World
    2) Annalise
    3) Freemarket
    4) Happy Birthday, Robot
    5) InSpectres (happy to see a print copy; thought only the PDF was available)
    6) Burning Wheel Adventure Burner
    7) Dresden Files
    8) Defenders of the Realm (board game)
    9) High Society (board game)
    10) Miscellaneous other crap

  3. Let’s see, con games. No games were played as per se on Wednesday night, I really just wandered the con and got my bearings.

    Thursday evening I played a game of Fiasco, the touring band setting. Good family fun to be had by all.

    Friday I played a game of Shock, ran a session of Apocalypse World (phenomenal, thanks to all the players who really brought the game hard), and finally got to play Steal Away Jordan with Graham Walmsley.

    Man, Steal Away Jordan. Really eye-opening, thank you Graham.

    Saturday I played some more games on demand, started out on My Life with Master with the guys but switched over as I had promised to play some games with some other people. We played Zombie Cinema, then a card game called Fuck This! which was pretty damned hilarious. Later that night I did the voyeur thing and watched the game of Misspent Youth Todd mentioned.

    Sunday was another game of Zombie Cinema, the best so far. That game just hums along great.

    RPG Swag:

    Apocalypse World (MY PRECIOUS!!!!!!)
    Mars Colony
    a physical copy of Mist-Robed Gate, thank you Shreyas for dealing with my obsessive fanboyism
    Time and Temps, which Todd promptly stole from me. There will be vengeance unless it is returned.
    Free Market. So pretty. So very very pretty. Now to make my Mold-Grafitti Artist!

    Other Swag:

    Foam Weapon! Form of: 10 lb sledgehammer!
    Oh, and a Cthulhu Poker Set. Which counts as “really fucking bitchin’.”

  4. I only had 48 hours to pack all my gaming in, so I didn’t get around to as much as I hoped I would.

    I played:

    1. Zombie Dice & Cthulu Dice
    2. MTG for Xbox
    3. My Life with Master
    4. Misspent Youth
    5. Battletech pods!
    6. A completely silly and totally made up RP format in the middle of the night which we are referring to lovingly as a “PARP” (photo action role play) named Tower of Hilton
    7. Zombie Cinema

    Picked up:
    1. Misspent Youth, which I cannot wait to play through because it is so very excellent
    2. The Dance and the Dawn, which upon a read through manages to inadvertantly capture the mechanics of sorority rush almost to a T
    3. Remember Tomorrow, which I haven’t been able to look at yet.

  5. I’m not sure where on the schedule it is, but I am more than willing and able to step into the role of Kagematsu.

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