Episode Tweleve: Who Let the DAWG!s Out

Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Lexx, Timo, Autumn, Scott, Aaron
Interviews: Mike, Rick, Ryan, Ethan, J.P.
Lexx calls out the Down Under Games
Conan the RPG
V3 Clip #1: Conan AP (violent/bloody)
V3 Clip #2: Conan Pro-Champion Interview
Dogs in the Vineyard
Hollow Earth
V3 Clip #3: JP’s Sound Effects
Mouse Guard
DAWG! #2 (AP as Seperate File)
World of Darkness/Changling

The moral of the episode is: GO BUY KODT #150, it’s only 8.99 and it has DAWG!

Scott: Comic Prices
Timo: Rubics Cube
Aaron: The Death of Games
Lexx: Arr, war woof, raraw
Autumn: Girl Gamers who aren’t here

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One thought on “Episode Tweleve: Who Let the DAWG!s Out

  1. Oh, fisticuffs it will be, I’m actually pretty excited because I’ve always wanted someone who’s really called Lexx to knock our fake Lex off his pedistal.


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