Hello, delicious friend

Via Apocalypse world, I heard tell of a thing called . A sort of online game, played through your browser using a twitter account, of life in subterranean London after it was stolen by giant bats. You start off escaping from prison and try to make your way in this fanciful world.

It’s pretty amazing, so far. easy to play, interesting to get involved in, and there’s no time commitment other than you can when you get a mo’. I invite you to join in, delicious friend. All you need is a twitter account. You can find me under my alter ego, Motipha. I look forward to seeing you,perhaps a bout in the game of Knife and Candle, eh? All is well that never dies, you know.

Here’s a guide that helps explain what’s going on. Here’s a quick guide to the very beginning of the game, to get you started.

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