Episode 55: PvP -Special Edition-

Episode 55: PvP -Special Edition-
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Majdi, Lexx, Scott, Vak, Reek

Happy Birthday Reek (hurray!)
Thanks Jason
Reek caused the apocalypse/the scene from the first Ghostbusters
Main Topic: Player vs. Player combat
JOHNKELLY can’t host episodes
Lexx, the word is Gank not Yank

JOHNKELLY: Raid. Mud. Water. Fuck you Reek.
Majdi: Tumblin’ Dice!
Lexx: Player Egos
Scott: What would I have got?
Vak: Why is there no save point in life?
Reek: Welcome to my Life.

Questions for Gaming Gods

This week’s question is for Geoff Johns

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