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A friend of mine sent me this.

I actually really appreciated that story. I sometimes struggle with what it is that makes someone a “good role player.” I don’t think that characters HAVE to keep things that characters wouldn’t know secret from the other players, as in the story, but the reveal there would have so thoroughly blown my mind that it would have been worth it for me.

Either way, cool story, huh?

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  1. Okay, here’s what I think.

    The “Paladin” was a dick. For a year he was ruining his friend’s fun.

    The other players, are dicks. For a year, they talked behind their buddy’s back about what a shitty RPer he was.

    The GM, was especially a dick. He knew that the players were bothered by the “Paladin” and he knew the truth behind the Paladin and allowed the rest of the group’s fun to be lessened for over a year.

    Basically, this is a group of Dicks. That’s right, capital D, Dicks.

  2. I actually totally see your point, but I think a lot of this falls on the other players and GM, personally, more than the Paladin. I’ve played with plenty of mean or whatever characters (I’m playing one right now in DOGS!) but it doesn’t ruin anyone’s fun because everyone agrees that the fiction is important. If, instead of talking behind his back, they all sat down and just said “okay, so he’s a dick in the fiction, and we deal with it in interesting ways” that would have solved a LOT of problems, and the reveal would have been no less cool.

  3. Well, paladins are supposed to follow a code of honor if they are to remain a paladin, but for the sake of argument let’s say he was playing an honorable obnoxious drunk, or that the paladins in this GM’s world follow different rules.

    The other players still could have dealt with the problem IC. I’m not sure what Todd has in mind when he says “interesting ways”, but I know players that would, if their characters were being abused by this self-described drunk, simply wait until he had passed out, tie him up and leave him hanging by his heels naked somewhere in the middle of the town with a sign that read “Please throw eggs”. If that didn’t work, the next time they’d start to get nasty.

    A player can roleplay his character as obnoxious as he wants, as long as he’s prepared to deal with the in-game consequences (including the other characters “accidentally” letting him get himself killed if it got to a point where his antics were endangering the party, for instance – “Whoops, how’d that happen?”) I think the GM may have been calling on the other players to help provide those consequences, with his calls for them to “keep it IC”.

  4. I don’t know, man. I actually thought it was a cool story. Maybe it’s just me. Then again, I’ve VERY rarely played with someone whose a truly dysfunctional player, so it’s not like I have a good yardstick for that sort of thing.

  5. There are ways to play a disagreeable character without wrecking the game, and apparently this guy was doing just that because it lasted for at least a year. I just think the other players would have had more fun if they had let their characters treat him the same way just about anyone would treat an obnoxious drunk, and the “reveal” would have been that much more dramatic.

    His playing against type to the point of obscuring his true class reminds me of how ninjas used to work in the old Oriental Adventures. You could never just take the ninja class; you had to take another class as your cover and keep your ninja activities secret.

  6. I for one liked the story as well, but what gets me is that the party seemingly did not bother to actually find out about the new guy nor did they wonder why stuff was happening.

    P.S. I play in the Dog campaign and yes Todd’s character is a douche but we accept him because the King dictates we must.

  7. hrm. I’m kind of conflicted about this. Todd’s actually pretty right, that’s one HELL of a reveal. But the fact that it created so much OOC friction is a real problem. “using metagame knowledge to make fun of our characters in game” has bells on it, for one. The fact that the other players started hating him as a player is also really nasty.

    It’s a great idea, but it’s one that could have done with a little more discussion. They could have just sat down at the beginning of the first session and him say “hey guys, I’m going to be playing a complete douche, I like the idea of having a foil for the rest of you” might have been enough to get everyone on board. After all, why not let the entire group in on the fun of the dramatic turnaround?

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