R.I.P. Dio

As you’ve probably heard, Dio died yesterday at 67 years young. This is actually probably the saddest I’ve ever been about a celebrity dying, to be honest. When you’re a nerdy sixth grader into music and fantasy and you flip on the TV and see this you’re sold forever.

I had the pleasure of seeing Heaven and Hell two summers ago and they were fantastic. Dio was a tiny, Italian, one man rock machine. He also came off like a really nice guy on stage. There was almost nothing stereotypically rock star about him. He didn’t make the audience chant or yell stuff. He just introduced songs and talked about how happy he was to be touring and playing music, and he came off real genuine about the whole thing.

So this week, as you get ready to do your dungeon crawling, raise the horns for Dio one last time. He was probably a bigger geek than any of us, and he did it all while singing with that ridiculously incredible voice and rocking the most presentable skullet on anyone whose name doesn’t begin with “Hulk” and end with “Hogan.”

As we said a few episodes ago- Dio is at the gaming table with you.

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