When you SHOULD bring a knife to the table.

Mist-Robed Gate. This was released in 2008 or so. I’d heard it was interesting, so I just got around to reading about it.

Game about hearbreak ridden wuxia stories, like Hero, or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, or House of Flying Daggers; Check, and very cool. Was created by a request for “a game like exalted only without the jackassery;” also something I can get behind.

Resolution system revolves around a knife, brought to the table and initially covered with a cloth. The knife cannot be taken, but only given. You want to kill another character? Once you’re given the unsheathed knife, you stab that players character sheet.


….um. um? hmmm.


I’m going to get a copy so I can read the rules in action, but this sounds incredibly amazing.

*Some geekery requires the word “freaking,” some “fucking.” Don’t ask my why.

3 thoughts on “When you SHOULD bring a knife to the table.

  1. Ahhh, the joy of discovery. That’s one way to solve the problem of too many dice rolls, Timo – Bring in the knife!

    I played in an Exalted game for a while, but it never really clicked with me; maybe it was the “jackassery”. I would be interested in hearing more about this system if you get a chance to check it out.

  2. Glad to hear you like the game!
    We (Elizabeth, Shreyas and I) are coming out with a revised second edition this year, containing more scenarios, play examples, and such.

    Have you played it yet? Each session usually has a high body-count. 😉

  3. Not as yet, I’m still waiting for the PDF to get to me. I’m pretty excited about reading this one, and will try to set up a one-shot sometime soon.

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