Episode Forty-Seven: Let’s Talk

Episode Forty-Seven: Let’s Talk
Hosts: Timo, JOHNKELLY, Lexx, Todd

Timo has no hosting control
Timo hates banter
The Roach
Main Topic: Talking Critically about the Game
Lots of  Metaphors: Baseball, Art, Pie

Lexx: Gaming with an Agendy
Timo: Hay Fever
Todd: Rants

You have been listening to The Jank Cast, copyright 2010 under the creative commons license. You can find out more about us at jankcast.com. All the music in the show is from the song, “Jank is a Dork Word” written and recorded by Todd and is used with his permission. You can send comments and feedback to feedback@jankcast.com Again, we are sponsored by Chicagoland Games, and this is JOHNKELLY reminding you to support your local gaming store. Now go out and roll some dice.

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