Dungeons and Dragons… The Comic Book!


I like the Angel comic, even though it often looks like it was drawn by someone attempting to make fun of the actors on the show. Man do they look goofy and deformed. Overall, though, the plots and story arcs have been interesting.

Having said that, the sheer ability of anyone to fuck up a “D&D” comic book is off the charts. I’m not even a huge “D&D” fan (the last time I played, “AD&D” was the current system), but I’d be real jazzed if they pulled this off and real bummed if they didn’t.

The biggest problem is that “D&D” doesn’t have a plot, in the typical sense of the word, unless they want to just make a comic book out of any of the novelizations. As such, “D&D” licensed stuff winds up being one of two, equally craptastic, things:

1) The “we’ll call this ‘D&D’ and then just make any old fantasy story which has nothing to do with ‘D&D’ and may even contradict basic things about it,” or…

2) The “our script writer’s job was to cram as many in-jokes and references in there (‘Look, it’s a beholder! I’ll use my magic missile! I feel more experienced after that fight!’) without bothering to ever, you know, squeeze a plot in between the totally flat game-mechanics reference checklist.”

Really, for something like this, the question comes down to whether or not the people adapting it actually love and respect both “D&D” and role-playing or just want a name they think might be bankable to slap on a project. I truly believe that people who love to source material could probably do something really cool, but stuff like this always makes me picture some fat guy with a cigar in an office saying “nerds like the dragons and the dungeons, eh? Buy the name! And get one of those failed novelists we have on retainer to have a script on my desk by 9:00 A.M. tomorrow! We’ll give those nerds some do-hickeys and drag asses they’ll eat up with a spoon!”

Having said that, Dark Sun? Nice. That was always my favorite setting, and I think it loans itself well to a comic book. Even if the comic winds up being meh, I’ll probably buy it just to gawk at how sweet that setting is.

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