Episode Forty-Five: Set the Mood

Episode Forty-Five: Set the Mood
Hosts: Todd, JOHNKELLY, Nico (aka Mr. Johnson, like the cock), Majdi, Lexx, Timo

Doctor Who Season 5. AMY POND IS HOT!
It’s Easter! So there are Easter Eggs in this episode.
Main Topic: Ambiance
Rob is creepy as fuck.
Catholic Joke #1
Catholic Joke #2
Music in Games
Ben Superfine
John Wick
The Theatre Code
Gaming at home
“Guy’s want some Water?”
Sir Anthony Hopkins
Voyeuristic Gamers
Timo talks about Polaris

Music by Philip Glass
JOHNKELLY: Doctor -Who-Season-5-I-told-all-you-bitches-and-Amy-Pond-is-hot
Nico: Type B Gamers
Majdi: Future Dopplegangers
Lexx: Competitive Play
Timo: Character knowledge in game
Todd: The Worst Day of My Life
Catholic Joke #3

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