Episode Eight: Do It Yourself

Episode Eight: Do It Yourself
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Timo, Autumn, Dylan, Lexx, JP
Chicagoland Games has moved to 5550 N. Broadway
We’ve joined Spooky Outhouse Productions
Jank Cast Contest Deadline: May 20th
First Topic: House Rules
The Cortex System
Second Topic: Writting your own Game
Autumn’s Game: Ex Machina (She’s actually worked on it.)
Lexx’s Game: Maximum Security (He hasen’t.)
Girl Genius

JOHNKELLY: Zombie Swine Flu
Lexx: Tom Bombadil
Dylan: Harry Potter
J.P.: Scrap Yards
Timo: Just cus you’re a Gamer doesn’t mean I like you…

The Jank Cast is copyright 2009. Feel Free to use our content in any non-comericial way. Our intro and outro music is favorite song by MU330 which we found on the Podsafe Music Network. Send feedback and comments to feedback@jankcast.com and as always we are sponsored by Chicagoland Games located at 5550 N. Broadway Ave. in Chicago, Illinois. Contact them at 773 728 3656 or visit their website and forums at www.chicagolandgames.com

Now go out and roll some dice! (We know you want to)

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