Episode Six: Return of the Jank

Episode Six: Return of the Jank

Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Dylan (Jawa), Lexx, Autumn, Timo,
Special Guest Host: Jer

Chicago Multi Genre Games Meetup Group

Topic: Independent RPGs

Evil Hat Games: Spirit of the Century, Dresden Files RPG, Don’t Rest Your Head

Ron Edwards: Sorcerer

Lumpley Games: Vincent D. Baker, Dogs in the Vineyard, In a Wicked Age, Killing Puppies for Satan

Half Meme Games: Paul Czege, My Life with Master

Luke Crane: Burning Wheel, Burning Empires, Mouseguard RPG

Palladium: RIFTS

Steve Jackson Games: GURPS

Chaosium: Call of Cthulhu

Wizards of the Coast: Dungeons and Dragons

White Wolf: World of Darkness


The Forge

Darcy Burgess’s Black Cadillacs

Mutants and Masterminds

Margaret Weis Productions: Firefly, Angle, Battlestar Galatica


Savage Worlds

Alpha Omega

Mongoose: Conan the RPG

Fantasy Flight Games: Fireborn

Unhallowed Metropolis

Little Fears

All Flesh Must Be Eaten


John: Internet Videos (WATCH!)

Timo: Dresden Files

Autumn: Women in Gaming

Lexx: Star Wars with Jer”s retort:

Dylan: How come I can’t game all the time?

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