Interview & Review: Little Fears

Interview & Review: Little Fears

Interview with Jason Blair, designer of Little Fears and Little Fears: Nightmare Edition

Interview: JOHNKELLY and Lexx

(36:30) Review of Little Fears: Nightmare Edition

Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Timo, Rob, Lexx

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6 thoughts on “Interview & Review: Little Fears

  1. Due to the annoying nature of recording on skype with our microphone setup, the conversation is stereotracked: Alex and JOHNKELLY are audible through your left ear, Jason on your right.

    By the way, Jason is absolutely right. AND I am intensely smart. So booyah.

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  3. Hmm… in the future, you can split the stereo track, duplicate each track, make each of those stereo and then merge them into one stereo track. Then you’ll have everyone in the right and left sides. That’s what I do the few times I do Skype interviews.

    Sucks this time as I’ve been curious to hear what the game was all about from the designer, maybe I’ll find time at home to listen.

  4. Great interview and review. Lots of interesting side tracks.

    I couldn’t resist saying, though, Don’t Rest Your Head isn’t the adult Little Fears. Unknown Armies is much closer.

    Definitely agree, the old game had powerful story, and loose system, but hey, kids don’t define their world.

    The new game is really approachable for people familiar with Savage Worlds, Burning Wheel, etc., and hopefully will bring a lot of people to the game.

    Still, from years of running this game, the back of the character sheet (the questionnaire) is still a brilliant way to get people to buy in to the game. Both games.

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