Episode Thirty-Eight: ADMs

Episode Thirty-Eight: ADMs
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Timo, Rick (Mustashio), Lexx

(00:30) Degrees of Gayness
(01:00)Who is Rick?
(02:30) What we played this week: Supernatural, Lexx LARPed, Left 4 Dead 2, Bayonetta, Kafka , Dungeon Lords, Les Miserables: the Arm Joe
(03:15) Cloak, and the other good things about Marvel
(07:30) Main Topic: Adversarial GMs
(18:00) Knights of the Dinner Table
(28:00) Dogs in the Vineyard, Black Cadillacs, Apocalypse World, Poison’d
(50:00) Dungeons and Dragons

(52:30) Lexx: I am so goddamn popular [Gorbo the Destroya]
(53:35) Timo: Bring back Lexx?
(54:45) JOHNKELLY: Lexx…….
(55:20) Rick: Be Afraid young Goblins

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