Episode Thirty-Seven: Where are you Character?

Episode Thirty-Seven: Where are you Character?
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Timo, Allen, J.P.

(00:05) Lexx is dead….not really but he should be.
(00:45) What we played this week: Starblazer Adventures, Dungeons and Dragons 4E, Serenity, Supernatural, Bayoneta, Dragonage
(02:00) Traditional Gaming Spaces
(05:30) Stubbs the Zombie
(07:00) Main Topic: Where is your character?

(07:50) “I can edit this out” but I won’t
(08:30) AD&D
(13:20) J.P.’s Forest Gump example
(14:00) What else is on your character sheet?
(17:00) Dread
(20:00) Shadowrun & Character Journals

(45:21) Allen: British Accents
(48:00) JOHNKELLY: “It’s hard to die in Roleplaying Games” (A LexxPhrase)
(49:45) Timo: Muggles
(51:30) Pokemon is about dog fighting.
(52:00) J.P.: Combat time

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3 thoughts on “Episode Thirty-Seven: Where are you Character?

  1. That place in between the character sheets and the players is often referred to as the “Shared Imagined Space”. That’s where the consensual fiction of the game world lives, and how consensual it is depends on how in sync your group is. It’s not uncommon to find that different players have different ideas about what things look like or are capable of, or even of how past events occurred.

    Also, Timo, I feel your pain regarding themed games. Seems like my friends would rather play games about bean farming or camel trading or railroads than ones about space exploration or zombies or fantasy kingdoms. No accounting for taste, I guess.

  2. Hah, I understand that Dave. We’ve got a plan in place to try and get some more of those smaller games played now though.

    Also, I was trying to dance around using the term SIS. As the resident “Theory Boffin” (a title I deserve only relative to the other hosts) I find it’s best to get them to accept a concept before I actually give it a name. It’s an exercise in demented Socratic method, yo.

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