Episode Four: A New Cast

Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Lexx, Reek, J.P., Woody
Sponsor: Chicagoland Games
Intro/Outro Music: Favorite Song by MU330 found on Podsafe Music Network

D&D Game Day

Let’s Talk about Eberron

Main Topic: Creating Interesting NPCs

World of Warcraft


Darth Vader’s Alignment


JOHNKELLY: Joss Whedon
Woody: Over Roleplayers (ORPers)
Lexx: Darth Revan
Reek: Lexx’s superiority
JP: Ninjas!

In Memory of Dave Arenson

The Jank Cast is Copywrite 2009. Feel free to use our content in any non-comerical way. Our intro and outro music is Favoite Song by MU330 which we found on the Podsafe Music Network. Send feedback and comments to feedback@jankcast.com and as always we are sponsored by Chicagoland Gamesat 1207 W. Bryn Mawr in Chicago Illinois, call them at 773 728 3656 or visit their website, www.chicagolandgames.com

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