Episode Thirty-Five: Random Encounter!

Episode Thirty-Five: Random Encounter!
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Lexx, Timo, Scott, Todd

(01:30) What We Played This Week
(02:00) Todd’s Starblazer Adventure’s Game
(03:00) J.P.’s Podcast: Unwanted Opinion
(11:45) JOHNKELLY’s Supernatural Game
(13:00) Full Metal Alchemist
(14:15) Main Topic: Creating Interesting Encounters
(15:40) Pandas & Koala & Second Edition D&D
(16:30) Fear the Boot
(17:30) Defining Encounters
(48:00) Dresden Files RPG, City Creation

(1:00:40) Scott: 30 Rock, Stone Mountain
(1:02:30) Lexx: Southern Detail
(1:03:40) JOHNKELLY: Mike the Pro-Champion
(1:04:50) Todd: Dashing, Handsome, Gay Men
(1:06:30) Timo: What is wrong with me?

You have been listening to The Jank Cast, copyright 2009 under the creative commons license. You can find out more about us at jankcast.com. All the music in the show is from the song, “Jank is a Dork Word” written and recorded by Todd and is used with his permission. You can send comments and feedback tofeedback@jankcast.com Again, we are sponsored by Chicagoland Games, and this is JOHNKELLY reminding you to support your local gaming store. Now go out and roll some dice.

2 thoughts on “Episode Thirty-Five: Random Encounter!

  1. What, no link to Cemetery Man? That movie was awesome.

    Timo: I’m totally with you on the “I have 200 games I will never get to play unless I run them my damn self” front. It’s the curse of the hippie gamer living in a trad gamer’s world. Come to Forge Midwest and get your fix!

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