Episode Two: Attack of the Cast

Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Lexx, Ben, Dylan (Jawa!), Reek, JP (Voice in the background/God)
Sponsor: Chicagoland Games
Shout outs to Store Regulars: Doug, Woody, Jessica (Evil
Gamer Girl), Autumn, Mike (PRO CHAMPION), Timo

JP’s Phone #1

Shout out to the Silver Dollar Tavern in Highwood, Illinois

West Side Story

Chicago Tribune

Review Topic: Battlestar Galactica the Board Game by Fantasy Flight Games

Lee Adama, still a bitch

Arkham Horror

JP’s Phone #2

BSG Spoilers at 21:00

Main Topic: Character Backstory

World of Darkness

Burning Wheel

Dogs in the Vineyard

Ben: Facebook Friends
Dylan: “Sexting”
Lexx: Pathological Lying Gamers
John: The Watchmen
Reek: Reek’s Wedding

Ending with the Jawa purr

Music from Podsafe Network, “Favorite Show” by MU330

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