Episode Thirty: Attack of the Walking Eye!!!

Episode Thirty: Attack of the Walking Eye!!!
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Scott, Lexx and Kevin

Special host: Kevin Weiser from The Walking Eye Podcast

Dresden Files RPG
The Blue Snowball
Kicked in the Dicebags Episode 36

Main Topic: GM preparation in Story Driven Games

Discussion of the difference between a Story Game and a Story Driven Game
Spirit of the Century
Dogs in the Vineyard
Burning Empires

Scott: Special Effects
Lexx: Story Games are not Scary
JOHNKELLY: College Theatre
Kevin: Weapons of the Gods

Put an index in your book.

Quote of the Episode: “Why won’t JP return my calls?”

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Now go out and roll some dice.

One thought on “Episode Thirty: Attack of the Walking Eye!!!

  1. Good one, guys. You guys really did explore a lot of different things.

    That being said, I’m really amused how I’m part of the conversation even when I’m not there. Oh and JohnKelly? Stop thinking about mah drapes!

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