Episode One: The Phantom Cast

It’s Comin’

Hosts: John (JOHNKELLY), Lexx, Ben, Dylan (Jawa), JP (the voice in the background)

The Meaning of Jank (with philosophy by Lexx)
Special Thanks to:  Adam from the Podge Cast, Backseat Producers, and the Man Cast
Fear the Boot
Bear Swarm
Atomic Array
Brilliant Gameologists
Talking Boxing
Chicagoland Games plug #1
Review Topic: 4E D&D Power Cards
Emma’s Character Sheets
Lexx is married. Meg is embarrassed.
Main Topic: Defend your favorite RPG
Lexx: Call of Cthulhu
Dylan: Burning Wheel
Chicagoland Games Plug #2
Chicagoland Games Plug #3
John: Dogs in the Vineyard
Ben: Star Wars Saga Edition
Dawn of Defiance Module *Spoilers*

Dylan: Gamer Etiquette
Ben: PC DMs
Lexx: Star Wars Miniatures: 40 mini sets
John: Lee Adama

Remember kids, it’s comin…

Intro/Outro Music from Podsafe Network, “Forbidden” by Fight

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or at 1207 W. Bryn Mawr, Chicago IL

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