Episode 209: Gaming Groups, Pros and Cons

Hosts: Joe, Megan, Todd

In this episode, we examine the pros and cons of gaming group monogamy (where you have one, long term group you always play with) or gaming with lots of different ad hoc groups. We also talk a bunch about board games we’ve been playing, give a shout out to our Patreon contributors, and name drop B-Fest, which Wheel Tree Press is sponsoring.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 209: Gaming Groups, Pros and Cons

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  2. Tinder for gamers already exist, someone beat you to the idea. It’s called GameFindr. It apparently was originally designed for Magic the Gathering players but they’ve expanded to variety of geek games. Unfortunately, in my area, there isn’t a sufficient concentration of users (according to the app, I have 3 D&D or Pathfinder players within a 300 mile radius, no other RPG players). So join! Encourage others to join!

  3. Thanks folks! So I heard! Larry from Tabletop Superhighway texted me almost immediately to let me know this existed. I figured SOMETHING like this must exist, right!

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