Actual Play: SOTH Part 2

Players: Jenn, Joe, Megan, Rob, Timo, Tom, Todd, with special guest Dr. Boyfriend

A bunch of us at the Jank Cast and our friends got together over Turkey Day weekend to play a six hour long session of Steve Hickey’s “cultists summoning an elder god” game SOTH. This is part 2 of 3 of that game.

A few notes, again, in case you missed them last time:

1) As we mentioned last time: SOTH is a pretty violent game about people doing awful, awful things including bullying people, harassing people in their town, and generally bringing about the apocalypse. So note that the content in this one is pretty R-rated. If that would bother you, best steer clear of this one.

2) SOTH, as we mention in the introduction, has spoilers! There are things that happen in the game that, were you to play it, you might want to be surprised about. They mostly happen at the END of the game, so you can listen to this episode and decide if you want to hear the end when we get there or not. We will warn you again. Also: SOTH is a fun game regardless, so it’s not the end of the world if you hear the spoilers. You can still make SOTH your own when you play it.


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