Episode 197: What's Wrong With Bein' Sexy?

Hosts: EVERYONE! Aka Jenn, Joe, Megan, Scott, Timo, Todd

Recently, Gaming as Women published an article on asking “is he hot” about an NPC. People read it. People discussed it. It got us thinking: how do you know in game? So we discuss hot characters, sexy NPCs, and how you make that a thing at the table.

Also, here’s the thing Scott plugs.

11:24- We’re the Jank Cast
13:05- What’d we play
34:15- Topic
1:23:02- Rants

4 thoughts on “Episode 197: What's Wrong With Bein' Sexy?

  1. As a resident of Orlando and alumnus of UCF, I can tell you that Miami Connection is basically a window into my life. A neon pink window.

    What is Todd’s book about? Is it only available to academics or can dum-dums read it too?

    Also, I’m really excited about this upcoming Time Cellist Kickstarter. I know it’s been done, but I’d listen the hell out of a bonus episode or something of the behind the scenes of your designing/Kickstarting.

  2. I’d listened to the Black Diamond APs, but hadn’t gone through Leviathan before; Megan’s comments about Goldie/Rolfball lured me back into the archives and now I’m listening to it as a prequel. Super interesting!

  3. Whenever Joe talks about slash, I feel a combination of joy and despair. Joy because- slash! And despair because- Teen Wolf >_<

    I know he will forgive the many foibles of that particular fandom as one does in the first blush of infatuation… after all, I started out in Gundam Wing, and I'm still reading (other) slash fifteen years later. I shouldn't rag on TW, it's no more fail-tastic than many other fandoms I have enjoyed over the years, but you kind of want to put your best foot forward, you know?

    On that note, I'm sure Joe has discovered Archive of Our Own, repository of all that is beautiful and terrible in the fanfic world. May I also recommend Slash Report, a discussion/recommendation/banter podcast on fandom and fanfiction in general? One host feels even more strongly about Teen Wolf than I do, but the other is all about that craziness and has done more that one episode on it. I'd say start at the beginning, but I'm extremely poly-fandom, and I really like their banter, so YMMV.

  4. I wish our comment system made comments more obvious, because I could have found out about the slash podcast weeks ago! Thanks, Teogil!

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