Episode 196: New Year’s Gaming Resolutions!

Hosts: Jenn, Joe, Megan, Scott, Todd

A full crew sits down today to talk about gaming new year’s resolutions!

Here’s a link to the indie+ anthology Jenn is in/mentions: bit.ly/2014antho


6:05- What’d we play?
17:30- Topic
47:16- Rants

4 thoughts on “Episode 196: New Year’s Gaming Resolutions!

  1. What was the name of the Apocalypse World-esque novel discussed during this episode? Since I listen to podcasts while I drive to and from work, I figured I’d just wait until I could check the show notes. Unfortunately, the show notes don’t actually mention any of the games, movies, books, etc. mentioned in the episode. That would be incredibly helpful in the future.

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