Episode 195: Franchise Mashup Challenge!!!!!!

Hosts: Kevin, Megan, Scott

Kevin from The Walking Eye stops by to talk about his idea for the franchise mashup challenge! Star Wars is discussed. Much, much discussed.


What’d we play?- 4:40
Topic- 30:45
Rants- 1:14:23

7 thoughts on “Episode 195: Franchise Mashup Challenge!!!!!!

  1. This ep was really cool. I know there’s a stigma against “tell me about your campaign” stories, but I love them–especially when the teller is as passionate as Kev was here (PS: college is terrible, more Walking Eye please :P).

    I’ve always thought a world that mixed X-Men and Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Optic Blasts?) would be amazing–where a few powerful individual mutants made factions/houses around their own particular mindset. Of course, this would lead to a cold war of constant intrigues/politicking with the constant threat of all out mutant war breaking out.

    So, you’d have the Magneto faction of violent activists/freedom fighters, the Hellfire’s exploitative/millionaire club, Sinister’s science by any means faction, Bishop’s (maybe?) government-sponsored response team, and, not to mention, Xavier’s wanna-be superheroes all competing against each other for public opinion and new mutant recruits.

    After this episode, I’ve been thinking about actually doing something with that. Thanks!

  2. I love 1602! I suddenly realize that that must be how the idea came to my mind, haha.

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