Hosts: Jenn, Joe, Todd

In this episode, we discuss mind control mechanics.

Also, our rants go a leeeeeeetle off the deep end on this one.

Also also, there’s a weird popping noise sometimes. No idea what it is. We’ll look into it and try to make sure it’s not there next time!

9:45- What’d we play
15:50- Topic
53:50- Rants

6 thoughts on “Episode 194: WE ARE CONTROLLING YOUR THOUGHTS!

  1. Although I’ve never read slash fiction, I’d be the first subscriber to Joe’s Slash-Cast.

  2. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet (I’m a bit behind); but could the popping be someone’s headset cord hitting the edge of their desk?

  3. Joe have you seen Bob’s Burgers?? There’s an episode about “erotic friend fiction”. You should watch it.

    Joe, Todd and Jenn sit down on Megan’s couches. In the time since Megan got paid from Gen Con 2015 (it’s now 2018) and bought the mare couch, an offspring recliner chair has been born, which she dramatically collapses into. “Hey Guys, what are we playing today?”

    A wry smile crosses Joe’s face and he erupts in villainous laughter as custom Teen Wolf Bacchanalia cards (a Kickstarter) start fluttering through the air. The cats begin yowling.

    “You know what would be interesting…” Todd says, “is if we somehow implemented these into a game of Monster Hearts, set up using this custom Fiasco playset, and with the Dredd tower representing both–”

    “Oh you mean this Truth or Dare Jenga game?” says Jenn.

    “We should try LARPing!”

  4. Apocalypse World very clearly states that the characters thoughts and feelings are their domain exclusively. The seduce/manipulate mechanic supports this by giving the character the choice of going along with it and gaining experience or acting under fire. Even if you choose to act under fire, the result of a failed roll will still not be your character changing their mind, as that is not in the purview of the MC.

    I was really surprised you kept bringing it up, it’s one of the systems that have been the most clear about this delineation between player agency and MC responsibility.

  5. I think the core of the mind control issue really is how the game presents itself. If you imagine a game where players take turns controlling characters I don’t imagine it would be such a big deal, as these games are more about creating a story. Isn’t Sorcerer like that? You guys should put that on your Actual Play list.

    Is there a game which actually has a mind control mechanic? Bacchanal has mood control sorta.

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