5 thoughts on “Episode 193: JANKSGIVING TWENTY FOURTEEN!

  1. George Martin may be opposed to fan fiction of his work, but he’s certainly in favor of rpgs based on his work. (The GoT RPG was delayed because the company that originally developed it went bankrupt prior to publication.) (He’s also been a role player for years.)

  2. Also, I disagree that fan creations about fiction is a new thing. We share things a lot faster and more easily now, but at least in Fantasy and Science Fiction fandom, fan art of all sorts have existed since well before the commercial internet. Mercedes Lackey’s been getting songs written abut her work since before I was born.

  3. Did you ever give a link to that cache of “good” Slash fiction John found. Looked through the last few show notes and didn’t see it anywhere.

  4. I like to imagine that around half of the books that made it into the Bible started as fan fiction.

    Merry Christmas!

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