Episode 191: Virtual Gaming

Hosts: Megan, Rich, Todd

In this episode, we bring on the esteemed Richard Rogers of Indie+, Cannon Puncture, and the gaming internets in general to talk about all manner of virtual gaming. Richard drops knowledge.


7:20- What’d we play?
27:25- Topic
1:05:15- Rants

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5 thoughts on “Episode 191: Virtual Gaming

  1. Well, David, you ask nicely like that? 🙂
    I see that you’re in my G+ Circles. I’ll hit you up soon. In November, I’m hoping to try an experiment of running/playing Remember Tomorrow via PBP. I don’t know if it’s ever been attempted!

  2. Jank Cast, here my prayer: I would love to hear you do an AP of D&D 5e. Even if it’s just 1 session. It would also be great to have a followup discussion on what D&D has taken from the indie scene. I played my first session of it last night and noticed that my character sheet is a lot more story-driven.

  3. Thanks for finally inviting, as a guest, the best gaming podcaster who isn’t already part of Jank Cast.

    Also, +1 on David Jay’s question. 🙂

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