Episode 188: Meta-Genres

Hosts: Megan, Todd

In this episode, we talk about what Todd is calling “meta-genres,” or the sort of storytelling logics beneath (or perhaps across) different genres of storytelling.

Also, Megan and Todd make an announcement! That announcement is WHEEL TREE PRESS! Woot!

Games mentioned:
Love in the Time of Seið

Urban Shadows

What’d We Play- 6:10
Wheel Tree Talk- 22:20
Topic- 28:07
Rants- 59:15

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5 thoughts on “Episode 188: Meta-Genres

  1. I think the word you are want to use for the title of this episode, and name of it’s topic is, ‘theme,’ or perhaps, ‘theming,’ as your conversation eventually reminded me of EgoRaptor’s Megaman Sequelitise. Coincidentally I ran into a related problem recently when I tested what I guess would be the alpha build of an AW hack I’m working on.

    Back when you had Dana from I podcast magic missile on and she started talking about her Souls of Steel game I was immediately interested, but was ultimately disappointed with the bits of her game she demonstrated in the AP they released because it didn’t deliver on the mecha anime goodness she suggested it would. Souls of Steel still is still a good game, from what I can tell, and I’d happily use it to play a Mechwarrior, BSG or a Pacific Rim-esque game, but since that wasn’t what I was looking for I thought I’d ‘cleverly’ ‘fix’ it by using Monster Hearts a springboard for anime archetype inspired splats.

    Everyone had fun, and said they’d be willing to play the game again, but I was still disappointed. While I tried to push the game towards a Valverave, Code Gease, or Starship Operators experience, we wound up playing a Toy Soldiers/Red Dawn meets the Clan Invasion game instead. Now while there may have been multiple points of failure, perhaps even stemming from the design choices I made in my splats, what I think really got in the way of me enjoying my game was my players being genre illiterate.

    I’m afraid this may just be a hard limit to story games. I think I may just have to wait for a native Japanese gamer to write a samurai drama or anime story game I want to play, because I can’t play games with people who’s principal exposure to Japanese literature is books with pictures in them.

    Tangentially related to this, I keep re-listening to this one part of the episode because I’m not sure I believe it’s real. At 4:47 did you just say you named your kid Kaiju or am I miss hearing something?

  2. Ha, yes. Kaiju is definitely a nickname. And thanks for your comments. I’ll have to think on the “theming” idea.

  3. oh man, that leaves me disappointed! I thought it was ACTUALLY Kaiju.

    …hell, now I almost want to unsubscribe. You lied to me Todd, you lied and used me!

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