Episode 187: Emotional Metagaming

Hosts: Joe, Megan, Todd

The esteem-worthy Joe Beason joins us to talk about emotional metagaming, a term we’re using to talk about playing a game based on your specific emotions. Content note: the conversation gets somewhat heavy as, you know, emotions and stuff. Nothing crazy, but we do talk about big, emotional stuff.

Also, Todd was totally on Indie+ talking about how to GM an awesome first session last week. Woot. So if you’ve ever wondered wanted to see Todd’s face while you hear his voice, here’s the link:


And, actually, Megan and friend of the Cast Dana were on last month. See that one here:


So many people’s faces.

Anyhoo, sh’notes:

7:12- What did we play?
23:25- Topic
1:03:26- Rants (wants?)

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