Actual Play: Monsterhearts Session 4-2

Players: Joe, Megan, Rob, Todd

This is it! The thrilling and gory finale of our Monsterhearts game! Woo! As Alice rages, Raphael schemes, and Longman passive-aggressively mopes, the question must be asked: WHO WILL SURVIVE AND WHAT WILL BE LEFT OF THEM? And why is Longman such a douche. Damn mortals.

Content warning: as with all the other sessions, this one is NSFW. There is some bullying, a lot of violence, and some manipulation, as well.

3 thoughts on “Actual Play: Monsterhearts Session 4-2

  1. It felt like you needed two more scenes: one for the Ms. Yoremark’s (sp?) fate since Raphael is dead, and a final showdown between Alice and Sean.

  2. Sadly, the reason this ended, is because I was moving away. But, if they pick it up again for a second season, I could see that all being stuff to revisit.

  3. The whole deal with Raphael’s creepy incestuous family really reminds me of the Raiths from Dresden Files. Really creepy stuff, I love it!
    Also, gawd Longman’s just the worst. 😀

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