Actual Play: Monsterhearts, Session 4-1

Players: Joe, Megan, Rob, Todd

Our final session of Monsterhearts, part I! We split it into two shorter episodes because it was near four hours. In this session, Megan returns as Alice, and we have some fairly eventful monster on monster and monster on mortal action!

Content warning: as per usual, this episode is NSFW. There’s a little bit of bullying, some violence, a teen being briefly physically abused by their parent, and some sex (including some slightly rough sex, mostly off camera) at the end of the episode. If any of this would bother you, please be forewarned!

One thought on “Actual Play: Monsterhearts, Session 4-1

  1. “Longman?!”

    Best indifferent public car wash sex to angry limo sex scene transition ever.

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