Actual Play: Monsterhearts, Session 2

Players: Joe, Megan, Rob, Timo, Todd


Here is the second session of our Monsterhearts campaign! Whoo! More monstrous teenage behavior, particularly from the regular old human, who is the most monstrous of all! Stupid jerky Longman.

NOTE ONE: As with most Monsterhearts games, this game is definitely NSFW and contains some fairly rated-R content. In particular, this session contains some language, sex, manipulation, and bullying, including adults/parents bullying and insulting teenagers. This session also has some (almost entirely off camera) incest (which won’t surprise you if you listened to the last episode!). If any of this would be particularly offensive or triggering to you, please be forewarned!

NOTE TWO: Right around the 2 hour mark, the furnace in Rob’s basement kicked on for about 20 minutes or so and made things hard to hear. I did my best to work some audio magic to remove the sound of the furnace, but a little bit of the audio was hard to salvage during that time. You can mostly hear everything, but there’s a few points where Joe is a little muffled. Sorry about that. In the future, we will only conduct APs in the most pristine of recording studios (please note: that will not happen. APs will continue to be recorded in basements with Tiki Bars in them).

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