Episode 182: Role-playing vs. Storytelling

Hosts: Megan, Meg, Todd

This week, we have guest host Meg Baker, game designer and mastermind behind Night Sky Games, to talk about the similarities and differences between role-playing and storytelling. Are they two different things? Are they two sides of the same coin? Should designers be doing more to push one or the other in their game? These questions and more will be pondered.

Quick note: we do the cast via G+ hangouts now, and Meg’s connection was a little tenuous so she’s sometimes a tiny bit warbly sounding, or we have trouble hearing her. You probably won’t notice too much, but just a heads up. Not her fault- just an internet connection thing.


6:45- What did we play?
13:30- Topic
1:04:25- Rants

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2 thoughts on “Episode 182: Role-playing vs. Storytelling

  1. Right after picking up Psi*Run, my two favorite podcasts put out episodes with Meg? Great! She’s an amazing guest. I’ll have to check out this AW: Dark Ages thing (or get on G+ more often I suppose).

    I was thinking of the gestures all the activist people used from back in my sds days in college, just as Todd brought them up. I never thought of using them at the RPG table, but it’s a good idea.

    To add one to the mix: A friend that comes from the LARP world uses the crossed fingers=talking out of character rule in his games. That’s come in handy (ha) more than once.

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