Episode 181: Collaborative World Building

Hosts: Jason, Timo, Todd

First off, we’ve been nominated for a Golden Geek! Whoo-hoo! Voting closes today (February 17, 2014) so if you can, go vote. Thanks!

This week, we have on Jason Pitre, designer of The Spark, to talk about collective world building. He also runs us through a demo of how The Spark handles collective world building.


8:04- What’d we play?
14:47- Topic
1:09:55- Rants

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2 thoughts on “Episode 181: Collaborative World Building

  1. Listening to this podcast now, even though it’s ooooooold. I think Jason mentioned that he didn’t quite understand why Spark drags people “kicking and screaming” into sci-fi. I think this is a great tangent for an interesting discussion. What are the differences between genres/settings, and what advantages/disadvantages do they bring to a game? I know from my own experience with and study of sci-fi that what makes it so conductive for exploring morals is that it’s at its core speculative–what would our world be like if…? Most sci-fi answers a “what if?” question which is mired in conflict or controversy. Examples: cloning, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, etc. The typical fantasy, on the other hand, is more about creating a sort of separated, differentiated world from our own which stands apart from our own, within which you can explore a specific theme or issue (e..g, totalitarianism, religious persecution, racism).

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